The Necrons are a faction that was introduced in Winter Assault. Since they make their appearance only in the campaign as an enemy of the player, they are not a playable faction.



Wa nec warrior icon

The Warriors of the Necron Army are the strongest unit in the game armor and weapon wise. Each Warrior has a gauss cannon, which can kill an entire squad of guardsmen in just a few shots. The Necrons use this same weapon to smash enemies in close combat, generally launching the enemy back or knocking them down. Once killed, every 1 of 8 Necron Warriors will stand back up and fight, but with only half health. Warriors armor is very heavy, able to take quite a lot of bolter rounds before finally dying. Warriors, while seeming over powered, are only good against infantry and light vehicles unless they are in massive numbers. 



Wa nec monolith icon

The Monolith is a massive mobile fortress which has one tri-linked gauss cannon on each corner and a portal of despair which can engulf units in the Portal of Despair located on the front (Tabletop version of the game only.) The Monolith also has a massive crystal located on the top which fires a devastating gauss beam, capable of causing massive amounts of destruction wherever it fires. The Monolith can teleport around the battlefield unless 25% or more of the Monolith is damaged. The Monolith is heavily armored, capable of taking on massive amounts of punishment.

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