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This page is about Winter Assault. For general information, see Chaos Space Marines.
Dow csm icon
Chaos Space Marines are the evil, Warp-twisted counterpart of Imperial Space Marines. The first Astartes – fully half of their total number – turned to Chaos cirka 10,000 years ago in a cataclysmic civil war, and more have followed since.

The Chaos Space Marines featured in Winter Assault are from the Blood Legion of Khorne, a warband belonging to the World Eaters Legion.


Chaos LordEdit

Wa csm lord icon
  • Commander unit (primary).
  • Boosts morale recovery when attached to squads.
  • Ability upgrades provide attack bonuses for himself and troops.
  • Can be possessed by the Bloodthirster.
  • Effective against infantry and heavy infantry. Excels at close combat.

Chaos SorcererEdit

Wa csm sorcerer icon
  • Commander unit (secondary).
  • Boosts morale recovery when attached to squads.
  • Uses many powerful abilities focused on damage and limiting enemy movement.
  • Can be possessed by the Bloodthirster.
  • Effective against infantry, heavy infantry. Excels at close combat.



Wa csm heretic icon
  • Builder unit
  • Can encress Building speed but cuases damage to the unit
  • c
  • d


Wa csm cultist icon
  • Infantry.
  • Scout/meat shield. High numbers, but weak combat ability.
  • Can be upgraded with weapons to become effective against infantry and heavy infantry.
  • Can be upgraded with the Infiltration ability (stealth).
  • Effective against infantry.

Chaos Space MarinesEdit

Wa csm marine icon
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Resilient general combat unit strong at ranged and close combat.
  • Can be upgraded with heavy bolters to make them more effective against infantry.
  • Can be upgraded with infilration (stealth).
  • Effective against infantry and heavy infantry.

Raptor SquadEdit

Wa csm raptor icon
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Fast attack close combat unit, good at breaking morale in close combat.
  • Jetpacks quickly around, and over, the battlefield.
  • Weapon upgrades effective against heavy infantry, and at breaking morale.
  • Effective against infantry.

Khorne BerzerkersEdit

Wa csm berzerker icon
  • Heavy infantry.
  • Heavy melee unit.
  • Quick movement speed allows Khorne Berzerkers to quickly close with enemy units.
  • Effective against infantry and heavy infantry.

Possessed SquadEdit

Wa csm possessed icon
  • Heavy infantry.
  • The ultimate melee combat unit.
  • Have a variety of upgrades to make them more effective (Sacrificial Circle).
  • Effective against infantry and heavy infantry.


Horror SquadEdit

Wa csm horror icon
  • Daemon.
  • A horrific creature summoned directly from the Warp.
  • Effective at ranged combat, ineffective at close combat.
  • Is summoned (teleported) directly onto the battlefield.
  • Effective against vehicles.


Wa csm obliterator icon
  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d


Wa csm bloodthirster icon
  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d


Chaos Rhino TransportEdit

Wa csm rhino icon
  • Vehicle. Tank.
  • Transport unit. No weaponry.
  • Can transport infantry units (except Obliterators and Raptors).
  • Can be equipped with Smoke Launcher ability.


Wa csm defiler icon
  • Walker vehicle.
  • Heavy artillery. A daemonically possessed killing machine.
  • Artillery can be fired at very long range, and does not require line of sight.
  • Artillery is highly inaccurate, especially when firing blind.
  • Effective against most unit types, with strong close combat abilities.

Chaos PredatorEdit

Wa csm predator icon
  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d


Hq icon

Desecrated StrongholdEdit

  • Chaos Space Marine HQ
  • Produces Cultists, Heretics and The Chaos Sorcerer
  • Can be Upgraded to enter the next Tier
  • Provides Upgrades for Population Increass
Temple icon

Chaos TempleEdit

  • Produces Chaos Space Marines, Raptors, Khorne Bezerkers and The Chaos Lord
  • Provides Upgrades for Basic Chaos infantry

Listening Post (Chaos)Edit

Listen post icon
Plasma gen icon
  • Can be built on a strategic point to defend it.
  • Can be Upgraded twice to Produce more Power
  • Produces Requisition.

Plasma GeneratorEdit

  • Produces Power
  • Can be Upgraded twice to Produce more Power

Thermo Plasma GeneratorEdit

Thermo plasma gen icon
  • Larger Version of the Plasma Generator
  • Produces more Power than a Basic Generator

Chaos ArmouryEdit

  • Contains Upgrades for Chaos Infantry Units
    Armoury icon
  • Makes your chaos army stronger by its researches

Machine PitEdit

  • Produces Predators, Rhinos and Defilers
    Machine pit icon
  • Contains Upgrades for Chaos Vehicles

Sacrificial CircleEdit

  • Produces Possessed Chaos Space Marines and Horrors
  • Contains Upgrades for Chaos Heros
    Sacrifice icon
  • Contains Upgrades for Possessed Chaos Space Marines

Daemon PitEdit

  • Produces Obliterators, Daemon Prince and the Bloodthirster
  • Contains information to produce the Daemon Pit

Heavy Bolter Turret (Chaos)Edit

  • Can be placed anywhere around the map.
    Machine turret icon
  • Used to defend a particular position.
  • Can be upgraded to have a twin rocket launcher.

Mine Field (Chaos)Edit

Mine field icon
  • A field of mines that explodes if an enemy steps on it.
  • Effective on disrupting enemy units.

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