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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III is an upcoming real-time strategy game, currently being produced by Relic Entertainment and Sega in partnership with Games Workshop, the creators of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It is the third installment in the Dawn of War series, and the first new release in the series since Dawn of War II: Retribution. It is set to be released for Microsoft Windows on April 27, 2017.

Plot Edit

The plot of Dawn of War III revolves around the struggle of the three factions trying to secure a powerful artifact called the Spear of Khaine which is foretold to exist on a mysterious planet near Cyprus Ultima.

The story begins as the local government of the knight world Cyprus Ultima calls out for help due to an Eldar invasion. This plead is intercepted by the Blood Ravens who make planetfall and contact the local ruler, Solaria, to help defend the human settlement.

With war raging and the planet under siege by the armies of greedy Ork warlord Gorgutz, ambitious Eldar seer Macha, and mighty Space Marine commander Gabriel Angelos, supremacy must ultimately be suspended for survival.

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay features army and heroes together, the returning of base building for doing mixed with a new resource call "Elite Points". Elite Points are used to unlock units and drop them onto the field. Wargears appear in single player and multiplayer.

Features Edit

The initial races available for play will be the Space Marines of the Blood Ravens (who have appeared in the other Dawn of War games), the Eldar, and the Orks. In addition to returning to the traditional RTS basebuilding (as seen in the first game and its expansions), Dawn of War III also includes larger-scale walker units - Imperial Knights for the Space Marines, Wraithknights for Eldar, and Gorkanauts for Orks.

  • The game features a 17-mission campaign, cycling through all the factions in order (Space Marine, Ork, and Eldar and then back again).
  • Take control of towering war machines and tip the balance of battle with the biggest characters in Dawn of War history. Turn the tide with the mighty Imperial Knight (Space Marine), the clattering Gorkanaut (Ork), or the haunting Wraithknight (Eldar).
  • Wage war with massive armies across violent volcanic terrain or onboard battlecruisers traveling fast through space.
  • Take battle plans to another level by deploying powerful collectible elite squads, each boasting their own special abilities and bonuses that will help unlock and develop new attacking strategies to conquer foes.
  • Cause devastation on the battlefield with powerful super-abilities. Rain down destruction on enemies with the Space Marine's Orbital Bombardment, the Eldar's blistering Eldritch Storm, or the Ork’s Rokks to counter unsuspecting rivals.
  • Players build their own universal army from the very first moment they are matched in a melee. Progress through battle after battle with loyal troops by across both challenging campaign missions and dominating multiplayer maps.
  • Players may engage in online co-operative mode.

Development Edit

According to the August 2010 statement by Bilson, Dawn of War III would have been expected 18–24 months after Dawn of War II: Retribution. This would have meant late 2012 to early 2013. However, THQ started having financial problems since, which led to layoffs at Relic[1] followed by the announcement of Company of Heroes 2 for 2013. Bilson later commented that the studio had to focus all resources on Company of Heroes 2 and that they are "doing some rethinking" regarding Dawn of War III. [2]

In December 2012, THQ filed for bankruptcy, and in January 2013 it was announced that Relic was being sold to Sega. It was not known if the development of Dawn of War III would continue under Sega.

In July 2015, Sega of America registered a website to the name Dawn of War III.

Purchasing Edit

Pre-Order Edit

Players can pre-order Dawn of War III up until April 27th, 2017 from select traditional retailers, online through the Dawn of War website, or on Steam. The basic edition costs US $59.99 / £54.99 / €59.99.

Via Dawn of War site
  • Digital copy of Dawn of War III
  • Masters of War skin pack: Dark Queen Solaria, Ghost Seer Taldeer, and Big Kustom Morkanaut.
Via Steam
  • Digital copy of Dawn of War III
  • Masters of War skin pack: Dark Queen Solaria, Ghost Seer Taldeer, and Big Kustom Morkanaut
  • Company of Heroes 2 Vehicle Skin Sets: Soviets - Blood Raven, Wehrmacht Ostheer - Bad Moons, Oberkommando West - Banshee, US Forces - Librarian, and British Forces - Biel Tan.

Limited Edition Edit

The Limited Edition of Dawn of War III costs US $64.99 / £59.99 / €64.99 and includes the following:

  • Premium Disc Book
  • Official game soundtrack with 18 epic tracks composed by Paul-Leonard Morgan
  • Lenticular Art Card which rotates between the 3 race masks (5.7” x 6.7”)
  • “Master of War” bonus digital content pack with exclusive skins: Solaria’s “Dark Queen”, Taldeer’s “Ghost Seer”, and the Morkanauts “Big Kustom” sets.

Collector's Edition Edit

The Collector's Edition costs US $129.99 / £99.99 / €119.99 and includes the following:

  • All content from the Limited Edition above
  • Gabriel Angelos’s iconic “Godsplitter Daemon Hammer” replica (14.2” x 4.2”)
  • 3 cloth faction banners mounted on wooden poles with custom artwork and slogans (25” x 15.2”)

System requirements Edit

  • 64-bit Windows 7
  • 3GHz i3 or equivalent
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1GB nVidia GeForce 460 or AMD 6950 or equivalent DirectX 11 video card
  • 64-bit Windows 10
  • 3GHz i5 or equivalent
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2GB nVidia GeForce 770 or AMD 7970 or equivalent DirectX 11 video card

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