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Tyrant of War
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Hab Spire Legis, Capital Spire
Briefing A Hive Tyrant has revealed its location, Commander. The Hive Mind is attempting to infest more regions, and this beast is likely trying to form a new hive. Our Librarians feel the might of the Hive Mind channeled into the Tyrant, so expect it to be a powerful opponent. Strike down this Tyrant, and the hive mind will suffer. This will temporarily leave the swarm in disarray.
Objectives Eliminate the Hive Tyrant
Intelligence This target is vulnerable to explosives.
Scans indicate the presence of hive nodes – Tyranid biological turrets.
Notes Bio-Feedback: Victory reduces infestation (-3)
Reward Random


  • Primary Objective: Eliminate the Hive Tyrant


Dow2 minimap tyrant of war legis

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