MapMount Siccaris
BriefingCommander, the hive mind is throwing its mightiest weapons at us. A Hive Tyrant leads an infestation into this region, consuming everything it encounters. Our Librarians fear its goal is to establish a major new hive. This would accelerate the hive fleet's activities and could well doom the whole planet. Exterminate the Hive Tyrant before it can nest.
ObjectivesDestroy the Tyranid Structures
Destroy the Nesting Hive Tyrant
Deep StrikeYou deploy in the middle of the enemy camp
Bio-FeedbackVictory reduces infestation (-3)
Bonus IntelligenceSynaptic Generators enhance nearby Tyranid enemies.
Enemy structures are vulnerable to demolition charges and other explosives.


  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Tyranid Hive (0/1)
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Synaptic Generators (0/3)
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Nesting Hive Tyrant


Dow2 minimap tyrant alert siccaris

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