Dow2 eld farseer portrait

The Farseer is the Eldar hero in The Last Stand. This hero is mainly a support spell caster, able to cast protective buffs as well as hide her allies or teleport them away from danger. The signature ability of the Farseer is Confuse, which causes enemies to attack each other.

Base statsEdit

  • Health: 100 (+2.0 regeneration)
  • Energy: 50 (+1.0 regeneration)
  • Armor: 16 (-6% damage mitigation)
  • Speed: 6.0



  • Witchblade of the Crone
  • Pistol of the Warseer
  • Pistol of the Doomseer
  • Singing Spear
  • Witchblade of Isha
  • Pistol of the Skyseer
  • Warp Spear
  • Laughing Stave
  • Debilitating Witchblade



  • Runes of Warding
  • Runes of the Harlequin
  • Runes of Fleetness
  • Runes of War
  • Runes of Deception
  • Runes of Fortune
  • Runes of Wrath
  • Runes of the Warp
  • Runes of Vigor
  • Runes of Evasion
  • Runes of the Spider

Commander itemsEdit

  • Spirit Stone of Eldritch Might
  • Spirit Stone of Illusion
  • Spirit Stone of Vigor


The Farseer is a support hero, most effective when using her abilities to buff (enhance) her allies or debuff her enemies. Physically, the Farseer is an agile melee fighter, and can be built for close combat, but this decreases her awesome support potential. Her most powerful abilities are probably Confuse and Veil of Tears (mass confuse), which can make enemies slow down or even kill each other. Other essential abilities include Conceal (cloak friendly units) and Group Teleport.

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