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The Bloody Hand
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location The Tyranid Graveyard
Briefing The Eldar have reappeared, Commander. They have congregated at the site of our climatic battle against the Tyranids. The Black Legion must take priority, but ignoring the Eldar is unwise. At your discretion, pursue and eliminate these xenos. "What do we know about the Eldar Force?" Very little. The Tyranids' destruction of the land exposed ancient Eldar ruins, however. This may be what has drawn them here in such numbers. You can expect to face xenos skimmer tanks and walkers, as well as powerful infantry. "Has the area changed since our battle with the Tyranids?" The area remains a wasteland, but there have been some changes. Most notably, the Blood Ravens have erected a monument to those brothers who died fighting the Tyranids. It stands above the spot where Sergeant Eberros was entombed with his wargear. Also, an Imperial Shrine now stands on the site of our battle with the Hive Tyrant. Purging that temple of xenos infection would be a laudable act, Commander.
Objectives Destroy the Avatar
Destroying the Blood Ravens monument will corrupt deployed squads
Intelligence Proceed with caution; the Eldar favor traps and ambushes.
The shattered terrain offers many flanking opportunities.
Notes Vengeance: Tarkus gains corruption if he does not deploy to this mission.
Reward Swift Multi-Melta (level 18 rare dreadnought multi-melta)
Daedus' Tomb (level 24 epic terminator armor)


  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Avatar
  • Corruption Risk: Destroying the Blood Ravens monument will corrupt deployed squads


  • Capture the Imperial Shrine
  • Destroy the monument for wargear
  • Leave Tarkus out


Cr minimap the bloody hand
  • Infantry, lots of platforms and Warlocks
  • 2 Wraithlords before the shrine
  • 2 Wraithlords and 2 Fire Prisms after the monument
  • Avatar, summons normal infantry for support

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