The Blighted Bolter is a Bolter in the Dawn of War II campaign.

Weapon StatsEdit

Damage: 50
Attack Speed: 8
Accuracy: 50%
Range: 21m


  • Scatter Damage
  • Improved defensive bonus while in cover
  • Greatly Increased Damage in Melee
  • +1 to Strength Combat Discipline
  • +6 Melee Skill
  • +14% Melee Damage
  • Reduced Range


Recovered from the fighting near the capital city of Kronus, and bearing the seal of that planet, this Bolter was found amongst the carnage wrought as the Imperial Guard defied the Emperor’s finest Space Marines and were put to death. Many prayers of sanctity and rituals of absolution have purified this mighty weapon, but those who fought against their own kind are loathe to recall that black day.


  • Boss
  • Chaff
  • Swarm

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