The Agamar Desert is a province on Kronus and one of the locations in Dark Crusade.


Certainly not as populated as Greater Tash'n to the north, the Agamar Desert nonetheless bears many marks of Tau industry. The regional capital of Jandus is a bustling industrial center, while several smaller burgs dot the arid inland.

The western extension of the planet’s central desert includes both oceans of sand and “coasts” of rocky, wind-hewn mountains. Massive sandstorms periodically blanket the region.


  • +75 Requisition
  • Honor Guard unit
    • Dreadnought (Space Marines)
    • Catacomb Flayed Ones (Necron)
    • Fire Warrior Bodyguard (Tau)
    • Chaos Sorcerer (Chaos)
    • Reaper Exarch Council (Eldar)
    • 'Eavy Shoota Boyz Squad (Ork)
    • Bone'ead Squad (Imperial Guard)

Campaign strategyEdit

Dc minimap the agamar desert

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