Wraithknight Taldeer

Wraithknight Taldeer in Dawn of War III

Ghost Seer Taldeer

Ghost Seer skin for Dawn of War III

Taldeer, also known as Taldeer the Dreamer, is a Farseer of the Ulthwé Craftworld of the Eldar race at the time of Dawn of War: Winter Assault and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. Wraithknight Taldeer is an elite unit in Dawn of War III, specializing in tanking and crowd control. Functioning as a super heavy melee walker, she has powerful damage mitigation abilities. Taldeer is able to use her psychic powers to lock enemies into stasis or break them out at her discretion.


Taldeer is sent to Lorn V to use the aspect stone to destroy the inbound Necrons. She has had several times in which she allied with the Imperium to destroy either Chaos, Orks, or the Necrons. She knows the Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Ravens Third Company, and all Eldar refer to him as "Gabriel of the Hidden Heart".

Her second appearance was on Kronus. She started out near the top of the planet, a little North-Northwest of the planet's capital, which was held by Tau. She came primarily to destroy the Necrons once again who were emerging on Kronus, however once she witnessed the full scale of the battle on Kronus between most of the Galaxy's major powers she decided to make a full conquest on the planet. If the humans would not aid her in destroying the Necrons, they would also fall victim to her warriors' blades.

Going by the events of the non-canon Eldar campaign of the Dark Crusade, She and her warhost ravage Kronus and leave it as a backwater world ruled by anarchy with the remaining Imperials, Tau and Orks fighting each other, the Necrons buried in their own catacombs, and a vast stock of Blood Raven gene-seed destroyed. Unfortunately for the Eldar, these events do not come to pass and the Blood Ravens cut off Taldeer and her forces from their wraithship. Taldeer was captured, interrogated and then executed by Azariah Kyras, who kept her spirit stone as a trophy.

In the Eldar campaign in Dawn of War II: Retribution, A force of Eldar, including Taldeer's brother, a pathfinder named Ronahn, chase down Kyras to reclaim Taldeer's spirit stone.

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