Wa strategic point

A squad of Imperial Guardsmen about halfway to capturing a Strategic Point.

Strategic Points are vital to win any game in Dawn of War. They appear on every map and provide the player with requisition. The more strategic points the more requisition. Listening post can be built and upgraded on strategic points to gain more requisition and fortify the point. There is usually 3 or 4 strategic points at your base to capture at the beginning of a game. The aim of Control Area is to capture or hold over 66% of the strategic points on a map. Most units can capture strategic points. Vehicles and Commanders cannot capture strategic points. Sentinels and Wraiths can uncapture strategic points. Strategic points slowly decay over time. The lights at the base of the point turn from green to yellow to red. When a strategic point has completely decayed it produces less requisition.

NOTE: The Necrons strategic points do not produce requisition as they only use power. Instead they speed up Necron building time by building obelisks instead of listening post. building time for Necrons without any obelisks are very slow. The only Necron unit that can capture strategic points is the builder scarab.

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