Dow sm confessor icon Dow2 dec anti everything melee Faction Sisters of Battle Health 1200 Buy Reinf.
Tier 2 Morale N/A Dow req 245
Built by Ecclesiarchal Chapel Sight radius 40 Dow pow 60
Armor Commander Detect radius 30 Dow squ
Mass 25 Speed 16 Dow veh
Model count 1/1 Build time 50
Powerful support commander that may perform many acts of faith. Very powerful against daemons. Data version: 1.2.0

The Confessor is a secondary commander of the Sisters of Battle in Dawn of War: Soulstorm.


"I have come to pass judgment."

An empire as vast and uncaring as the Imperium of Mankind needs strict discipline to keep it on the path to righteousness. This solemn duty falls to the Confessors. These solitary crusaders wander the Imperium, seeking out heresy in all forms and delivering judgement in the Emperor's name. A superior melee combatant who commands Acts of Faith to damage and stun his enemies, the Confessor is an awe-inspiring addition to any dedicated Ecclesiarchal force.

Tactics Edit

Because the Confessor becomes available only late into Tier 2, he can have trouble surviving as a lone character. He fares much better when attached to a Sister Repentia Squad, which is only available in Tier 3. Thus in many situations it is better to wait until you have reached Tier 3 to produce the Confessor. His Acts of Faith can be useful should you build him earlier, but are generally not powerful or useful enough to warrant delaying advancement to Tier 3.

The Emperor's Wrath ability is moderately powerful, but lacks significant area of effect and cost a good amount of faith. Save this ability for tightly clustered enemies or for when surrounded. The Holy Edict ability is the Confessors most useful ability, and is a good counter for the infantry which would otherwise overwhelm him. This ability pairs extremely well with Sister Repentia Squads, practically ensuring the destruction of the target. Sister Repentia Squads can quickly close with stunned units and deal massive damage rapidly thanks to Righteous Fervor and Zealot Charge.

Abilities Edit

Damage Per Second Values
Infantry Vehicles Buildings Daemons Morale Base Damage
Low Med High H.Med H.Hi Cmdr Low Med High Air Low Med High Med High DPS Base Min Max Min.D
Initial DPS: 6.2 7.6 6.9 6.2 6.9 3.5 3.0 3.5 3.0 3.0 5.5 3.0 3.0 5.5 3.0 2.4 4 10 13 2.5
With Leadership: 8.1 9.9 9.0 8.1 9.0 4.6 3.0 4.6 3.0 3.0 7.2 3.0 3.0 7.2 3.0 2.4 4 13 19 2.5
With Wargear: Psyocculum: 8.4 10.3 9.3 8.4 9.3 4.7 3.0 4.7 3.0 3.0 7.4 3.0 3.0 7.4 3.0 2.4 4 13.5 17.6 2.5
With Leadership + Wargear: Psyocculum: 10.9 13.3 12.1 10.9 12.1 6.1 3.0 6.1 3.0 3.0 9.7 3.0 3.0 9.7 3.0 2.4 4 17.6 22.8 2.5

Cost Default Weapon Range 25 Setup Time None
Build Time Default Weapon Accuracy 60% Refire Rate 0.5 s
Area of Effect None Requires Nothing
Notes Wargear: Psyocculum increases the Bolter's range to 30.



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