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Snake in the Grass
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Mount Siccaris, Hab Spire Legis
Briefing The enemy continues to press forward. A powerful Tyranid Ravener has been leading a brood into the region. This burrowing snake-like creature has ambushed civilian and military convoys, costing us dearly. Preliminary intelligence suggests this Ravener led its brood from a large hive deeper in the hinterland. This beast has been wreaking havoc with our supply lines, Commander. Eliminate it, or the Tyranids may topple our planetary defenses.
Objectives Kill the Ravener.
Intelligence This target is vulnerable to flame attacks.
Elite hive creatures expert in hand-to-hand combat defend this target.
Notes Bio-Feedback: Victory reduces infestation (-2)
Reward Random


  • Primary Objective: Kill the Ravener


Dow2 minimap snake in the grass siccaris
Dow2 minimap snake in the grass legis

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