MapGreen Tooth Gorge
FlagLeads to the Array
BriefingCommander, we have finally located the Ork who knows the location of the astronomic array. This Ork is a mad alien who has been fused into one of their obscene war machines. This Greenskin calls himself Rippa-Splitta and is obsessed with technology. This is why he seeks the astronomic array so desperately. Destroy this alien walker, and recover the location of the astronomic array. This is our only hope of finding a critical weakness in the hive fleet, Commander.
ObjectivesDestroy the Ork Structures
Eliminate Rippa-Splitta to Recover the Dataslate
Deep StrikeYou deploy in the middle of the enemy camp
Bonus IntelligenceTroops with anti-armor weapons defend this target.
Generators enhance nearby Ork enemies.
RewardDrop Pod Beacon


Dow2 minimap rippa-splitta

This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

This mission can be a little difficult. First, you are dropped right in the center of the map and rushed by Orks right away. Second, there are Waaagh! Banners, Generators and a Teleporta Platform nearby, meaning an endless supply of enhanced enemies. Third, it is hard to retreat as there are tanks and walkers in the opposite direction and you'll be caught between.

A tested team lineup consists of Commander with power fist, Tarkus with plasma gun and melta bombs, Avitus with heavy bolter and turrets, and Cyrus with demo charges and remote detonation packs. Avitus's gear is for the initial rush – a missile launcher would help with vehicles, but Commander and Tarkus can manage those one at a time.

So you start at the center and are rushed from the south (right) side. Set up Avitus and his turrets in the center to hold back the Orks. You can also use Signum on the mob and High-Powered Shot on heavy ranged units. You will probably be attacked by a Looted Tank from behind; stun it with your power fist (Rosarius if necessary) and kill it with Commander and Tarkus while Avitus and Cyrus handle the south side. This should get you room to capture the beacon behind you and get some supply refills.

Now you should kill off some of those production structures to stabilize your position. Sneak Cyrus in to bomb the buildings, but avoid Ork turrets – they can detect him. You can also advance with Tarkus or Commander to throw a grenade and retreat. Once you get a few banners down, the attacks grow light enough to fend off easily. You can now go and clear the NW and SE corners for a strategic asset and kills without being overwhelmed. There will be a few Deff Dreads and another Looted Tank.

When you're done with the rest, come back to finish the Ork base and Rippa-Splitta. He's a Deff Dread and will go down with the Rosarius + power fist + melta bomb + plasma gun combo if necessary, but try to lure him on a remote detonation explosive to make it easier.