Aspect of Warp Spider   
Dow2 eld aspect of warp spider icon Unit(s) Warp Spider Squad Enables the Haywire Grenade ability. Also equips the squad Exarch with a dual death spinner and powerblades.
Tier 2
Cost Dow2 req 1650 Dow2 pow 1620 Rt time 1615
Warp Spider Exarch   
Dow2 eld warp spiders icon Unit(s) Warp Spider Squad Add an Exarch to lead the squad. Also increases the energy regeneration of the squad by 50%. The Exarch has 200 health, 60 melee skill and infantry armor. He can be upgraded with better weapons through Aspect of Warp Spider.
Tier 2
Cost Dow2 req 1685 Dow2 pow 1615 Dow2 pop 164 Rt time 1615

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