Rt camp ork
“I like yer hat by the way . . .”
— Kaptin Bluddflagg


The Ork campaign in Dawn of War II: Retribution centers on the brutal Kaptin Bluddflagg and his Freebooters. Freebooters are groups of Ork pirates that are commanded by Kaptins of pure infamy. They are the richest and most obnoxious of all Orks, that pursue a life of conquest and pillage, plying the stars in grotesquely ornamented Kill Kroozas.

The opening scene of the Ork campaign has Kaptin Bluddflag and his First Mate, Mister Nailbrain, picking up the pieces after an explosion. Their Krooza has been blasted from the sky, so they are without a ship, and their crew is scattered. The only thing on the good Kaptin's mind, in true Ork fashion, is simple. Find who done it and krump'em!


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