Heavy Hitter is a Steam achievement in Retribution.

Getting itEdit

This is probably the most painful TLS achievement to get. You must play the Anvil of Khorne map, where there are six (6) super units per each complete play-through:

  • Wave 13: Swarmlord
  • Wave 16: Battlewagon
  • Wave 17: Avatar
  • Wave 18: Great Unclean One
  • Wave 19: Baneblade
  • Wave 20: Land Raider

You must personally kill 25 of these. This means a minimum of five complete play-throughs assuming you beat wave 20 each time and manage to avoid your teammates killing any super units. Since dying before wave 20 or not getting the final blow on a super is fairly common, 10 or more play-throughs is probably a more realistic estimate.

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