Guardian Squad
Dow2 eld guardians icon Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged Faction Eldar Health 500 Buy Reinf. Upkeep
Tier 1 Courage 100 Dow2 requisition 300 30 5.1
Armor infantry Sight radius 40 Dow2 power 0
Size small Detect radius 5 Dow2 popcap 10 2
XP value 90 Speed 5.5 Dow2 time 20 3
Death +6 Model count 5
Melee skill 50
High damage but low durability infantry. Upgrades grant abilities such as Plasma Grenades and Energy Shields. Data version: 3.19

The Guardian Squad is the basic Eldar infantry unit in Dawn of War II: Retribution multiplayer. Guardians are Eldar who have had military training but do not serve as Aspect Warriors. They are essentially the Eldar military reserve force. The Ulthwé Craftworld is known for employing an especially large force of Guardians.

  • Guardians have high ranged damage against infantry.
  • They can deploy energy shields and throw granades
  • Can be upgraded with a Warlock, a psychic squad leader, which gives them defensive and offensive abilities.