Ork vehicles are truly a wonder to behold. Most who behold these vehicles are wondering how they hold together, as they are created from pieces of scrap metal slapped together. Generally these contraptions have enough guns on them, or carry enough boyz with guns, to pack a real wallop. In the case of the Ork Battlewagon, these vehicles can carry boyz, bristle with guns, and are big enough to simply run over enemy positions. This massive mobile fortress is the new Ork unit in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution.

  • Unit: Battlewagon
  • Availability: Tier 3
  • Abilities:
    • Deff Rolla Rampage – Spin up the Deff Rolla for a short period, knocking back and potentially crushing nearby infantry. Temporarily increases the speed of the Battlewagon.
    • Mega Boomshot – Fire an explosive long-range artillery shot. Deals heavy damage to most units.

An expensive late game unit, the Battlewagon can tear into enemy formations and receive little damage. It is a heavy assault transport vehicle that has anti-vehicle as well as anti-infantry weaponry. Garrisoning squads in the Battlewagon increases its speed and anti-infantry shootas on the Battlewagon get activated when two squads are garrisoned in the vehicle.

The Deff Rolla Rampage ability greatly increases the speed of the unit when it is fired up, so it can track down fleeing infantry or simply charge through obstructions on the battlefield and get to where you need it quickly. When ordered to move through enemy infantry formations it will run them over, turning them into a pulp and is therefore fully capable of wiping out squads if controlled correctly - this, however, takes a lot of practice.

This vehicle does not provide a reinforcement or healing aura however, and it should be used aggressively - that being said, it is capable of supporting your army as a mid-range artillery piece and also for attacking and deploying melee units in the midst of the enemy.

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