R map 6p argus desert gate


Argus Desert Gate is one of the original Dawn of War II multiplayer Team Battle (3v3) maps. It is fairly well designed and remains one of the most – if not the most – popular 3v3 maps in Dawn of War II: Retribution. The map is long and clearly divided into "lanes" separating the players.

Argus Desert Gate consists of a narrow bottom "resource lane" on the bottom (left-hand side on the minimap) and more open middle and top lanes with mixed resources and Victory Points. The natural Victory Points are on the middle lane, while the natural Power Nodes are on the top and bottom lanes. Contested Power Nodes are found both on the middle and bottom lanes.

Most typically, early game will see players 1 and 6 fighting over the resource lane while players 2–5 engage in a 2v2 over the top lane. Mid-game, conflicts over the middle lane will become more common, and by the late stages of the match, the resource lane will become abandoned in favor of the middle and top lanes. The walls will be largely leveled and 2–3 players per team will often clash over the middle "VP" zone.


The bottom lane – especially early game, before the walls get crushed by heavy units – is a special close-quarters "mano a mano" situation, but most of the map has a geography that promotes suppression squads, snipers, and later artillery squads (e.g., Plasma Cannons and D-Cannons). The length of the map forces Manticores to leave the HQ area, making them a somewhat risky investment.

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