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Relics of Space
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Access Point Secundus
Briefing We have located the store of reductor vials left aboard the Judgment of Carrion. Recovering additional Blood Ravens genetic material would be a great service to the chapter. Daemons and xenos of all sorts infest this vessel, however, and it still resonates with Warp energies. Returning to the Judgment of Carrion is entirely at your discretion, Commander. "What of the dangers from Warp energies?" You will automatically teleport back to the Retribution after a fixed amount of time. This should prevent you from becoming trapped and limits exposure to the maddening effects of the Warp.
Objectives Recover additional Blood Ravens relics and gene-seed
Intelligence Substantial biomass is detected near the Reductor Vials, likely a Tyranid brood nest.
Structural collapse has blocked many passages. Search for alternative passages.
Notes For the Librarium: Jonah gains corruption if he does not deploy to this mission
Reward Greater Oath of Penance (level 25 rare expendable item)


  • Primary Objective: Locate Blood Ravens gene-seed (0/4)
  • Primary Objective: Automatic teleport in: 20:00


  • Donate "The Fate of Galan" after the mission (+5 Corruption for everybody except Thule)


Achievement purist
Achievement forbiddenknowledge

This is one of the missions where you can gain the "Purist" achievement for 50 Gamerscore 16 by completing it with four Terminator units. This requires collecting four suits of Terminator armor before the mission, most easily accomplished by importing a Dawn of War II campaign (at least if you wish to avoid using corrupting equipment).

Additionally, completing the mission allows a chance to gain the "Forbidden Knowledge" achievement for 10 Gamerscore 16. This requires you to examine the item called "The Fate of Galan" (by donating it to the Librarium) that is received during the mission. This will result in +5 Corruption for all squads (except for Davian Thule).


Cr minimap relics of space

Combat in this mission is mostly against swarms of tyranids, with the occasional heavy unit. Despite the swarms, there are a few structure-like targets that need to be destroyed.

The four gene-seeds may be found:

  1. Midway between the connector to the northern corridor and the strategic point, in the cluster of three nests.
  2. After the strategic point, another cluster of three nests
  3. At the end of the corridor, destroy the Hive. Doing so also starts a large Tyranid wave.
  4. After destroying the Hive, defeat the Hive Tyrant.