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Raid on Calderis
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Firebase Argus
Briefing Commander, to finally indentify our traitor, we must obtain the transmission codes of the Chapter Honor Guard. To do so, you must penetrate to the heart of the Blood Ravens firebase and destroy the stronghold of Captain Diomedes. This will trigger an automatic signal from his battle barge, from which I can gain the codes we need. Between us and those codes, stand both the Honor Guard and our own brothers from the Third and Fourth Companies. "What of their defenses?" The entire area is patrolled by our chapter brothers. They will fire on us without hesitation. Only stealth and non-lethal attacks can prevent bloodshed. Diomedes has established a perimeter of satellite bases. Field generators and automated tarantula sentry guns are standard issue for such temporary positions. "What are the Honor Guard's orders?" Captain Diomedes adheres to the chapter's tactical doctrines. The codex calls for a tactical feint when a satellite position is destroyed. Nearby forces fall back to a strong firing line, either drawing their attackers into the teeth of bolter-fire or calling in artillery. If we destroy the field generators we can use this to push through the perimeter without killing Blood Ravens.
Objectives Destroy the Honor Guard Stronghold
Killing loyal Blood Ravens will corrupt your squads
Intelligence Apothecary Galan and his Terminators have fallen to Chaos.
Infiltration, teleporters, and jump packs can aid you in avoiding combat with Blood Ravens.
Notes None
Reward Second Gift of the Artificers (common expendable item)


  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Honor Guard Stronghold
  • Corruption Risk: Killing loyal Blood Ravens will corrupt your squads
    • Recruit: 20 kills
    • Sergeant: 10 kills
    • Captain: 5 kills
    • Primarch: 1 kill
  • Redemption Opportunity: Killing Galan and his Terminators will redeem your squads


  • Kill 10 or more loyal Blood Ravens
  • Kill Galan and his Terminator squads
  • Capture the Imperial Shrine


Cr minimap raid on calderis

If you want to reatain purity and avoid killing loyal marines, the easiest approach is to take Cyrus and stealthily destroy generators. You can also have Tarkus move up under Tactical Advance and target the generator while ignoring the enemies that attack him.

Either way, when a generator goes down, nearby forces will retreat off the map and an artillery strike will blanket the vacated area. Once the smoke clears you can move your other squads up.

Be careful of the roaming squad of Honor Guard Assault Marines. They use jump packs to circle the map, landing in one specific area near each generator. Fortunately they cannot spot you from the air, but if they do sight you while landed, they will attack. They move faster than most of your forces, so jump or teleportat to escape.

Corrupted Apothecary Galan and his Terminators are near the strategic point in the northwest. They can soak up lots of damage but need no special strategy.

Then move to the gold objective to destroy Diomedes’s terminator guards and the building-- but NOT Diomedes himself. Despite the fact the game displayes a BOSS red health bar for him, he counts as a loyal marine, so killing him will cause corruption.

One way to disable Diomedes during the final fight, without harming him, is to use Jonas's upgraded Tome Of Mist to put him in stasis. That will prevent him from harrassing you or taking splash damage while you target the building.

The corruption approach is much less complicated. Storm the front and kill whatever is in the way. Most of the opposition are scout marines who pose little threat. There is a dreadnought near the Shrine, and a tank near the northeastern strategic point, but neither has much infantry support and they will be defeated easily.

The darkened area on the map near the start is accessible only via teleport or jetpack. Destroying the drop pod in that area will provide a wargear item. Note that this is one of the landing points for the roaming assault squad, who may sight you if your timing is poor. Just south of Diomedes lies a second drop pod which contains more wargear.

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