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Pavonis is a city on Kronus and one of the locations in Dark Crusade.


The second-largest city of Kronus, Pavonis still resembles an Imperial city, despite the planet’s Tau ties. It is dominated by the ancient spaceport built there millennia ago.

The city of Pavonis has changed very little since the early days of human settlement; its broad avenues still glorify the Imperium that abandoned Kronus. The winters are not as harsh as in the northlands, but overcast skies and cold rain are endemic.


  • +50 Planetary Requisition
  • Spaceport

Campaign strategyEdit

Now what you should start with is to gather as much servitors as you can but after 2 minutes you need to build turrets, a nice spot is next to the strategic point next to the entrance. there is 1 near your base so thats a start. if you have lots of honor guard units you can go to their base once they have about 3 or 4 and just steal all of their servitors, don't make this game last long, finish it quickly

Dc minimap pavonis

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