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Legis Uprising
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Hab Spire Legis
Briefing Commander, the Vandis heresy continues to spread. Vandis and Black Legion forces have taken Spire Legis. They have erected artillery batteries and emplacements that make a large-scale assault impossible. If you can disable these defenses, however, the Imperial Gurad can retake the spire. If not, the population of Legis will remain at the mercy of these heretics and daemons. "How do we disable the defenses?" The Vandis heretics are using field generators to power their batteries. Destroy these generators and the black temples defending them, and the batteries will fall silent. Foul sorcerers have also established warp portals which allow the Black Legion to bring in reinforcements. Sealing these portals should stem the tide of enemies long enough for you to destroy the generators.
Objectives Destroy the Chaos structures
Intelligence Chaos field generators boost enemy close-combat attack damage.
Destroy Chaos Shrines to prevent enemy reinforcements from arriving from the Warp.
Notes Homecoming: Thaddeus gains corruption if he does not deploy to this mission.
Reward Tome of Quickening (rare psychic tome)


  • Primary Objective: Destroy all Chaos structures (0/14)
  • Redemption Opportunity: Destroying the Black Reliquary redeems squads


  • Destroy the Black Reliquary
  • Capture the Automated Foundry
  • Leave Thaddeus out (+5 Corruption to Thaddeus)


Cr minimap legis uprising


  • Heretics and Havocs
  • 1-2 Bloodcrushers
  • 2-3 Chaos Dreadnoughts
  • 2 Chaos Predators

Go clockwise - yellow, yellow, beacon, yellow, blue, foundry, yellow, beacon, yellow.

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