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Keys to the Past
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Access Point Primus
Briefing We need to reactivate the ancient logic engine aboard the Judgment of Carrion. To recover the proper activation rites, you must locate dataslates hidden in the surrounding decks. Because you will be operating deep within the space hulk, the Retribution can only offer very limited support. Jump packs will be useless in the confined space, although teleport systems will function. "How do we know the logic engine has not been destroyed?" The logic engine is secured in a sealed vault. Only the engine's activation rites will open the vault and grant us access. "What dangers do we face?" Xenos and daemons infest the Judgment of Carrion, Commander. But the lingering Warp energies in the ship pose a far graver danger. With prolonged exposure, such energies could drive even the bravest Space Marine into madness. The boarding party should return to the Retribution as soon as it can.
Objectives Recover the logic engine aboard the Judgment of Carrion
Taking too long to complete this mission corrupts all deployed squads
Intelligence Assault Jump, Orbital Bombardment, Artillery Strike and other support abilities will not function.
Ambushes could come at any moment. Be prepared for close-quarters combat.
Reward Armor of Infernus (Level 25 Rare Power Armor)


  • Primary Objective: Collect Dataslates to open the vault (0/10)
  • Corruption Risk: Too much time in the Space Hulk causes corruption (20:00)
  • Redemption Opportunity: Finding more Geneseeds will reduce corruption (0/5)
  • Primary Objective: Access the Logic Engine Chamber


  • Spend more than 20 minutes on the mission (+2 Corruption)
  • Find 5 Geneseeds (+2 Redemption)


Achievement purist
This is one of the missions where you can gain the "Purist" achievement for 50 Gamerscore 16 by completing it with four Terminator units. This requires collecting four suits of Terminator armor before the mission, most easily accomplished by importing a Dawn of War II campaign (at least if you wish to avoid using corrupting equipment).


Cr minimap keys to the past

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