MapLadon Swampland
BriefingCommander, we have finally located a primary hive in the swamps of Typhon. We believe this hive houses a toxin pool that can supply us with the pure genetic sample we have been searching for. If you can secure a sample from this toxin pool, we will be able to produce the weapon we need to destroy the Hive Fleet. This toxin sample may also allow us to counteract the poisons that are killing Captain Thule. Secure the toxin sample immediately, Commander. The fate of the entire sector depends on it.
ObjectivesObtain the Bio-Toxin
Bio-FeedbackVictory reduces infestation (-3)
Bonus IntelligenceThe hive contains heavy concentrations of explosive spore mines.
Expect escape to be the hardest part of the battle.
RewardCyclone Missile Launcher


Achievement evenindeathistillserve
For completing this mission, you receive the "Even In Death I Still Serve" achievement (30 G).


Dow2 minimap into the hive

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