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Idranel of Ulthwé
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Hab Spire Legis
Briefing Commander, chapter records do indeed make mention of this Idranel, which the Eldar Warlock mentioned. She is a Farseer – a witch-leader of her people – and aligned with the same Craftworld which opposed our efforts during the Kronus campaign. Idranel is undoubtedly the leader of Eldar operations on Meridian. The Tyranid invasion continues all about the sector, but this is our opportunity to put an end to the Eldar efforts to destabilize the sub-sector.
Objectives Eliminate Farseer Idranel
Intelligence This target is vulnerable to bolter fire.
Troops with anti-armor weapons defend this target.
Notes Elite: Opponent uses superior troops
Reward Teleport Pack (level 8 common teleport pack)


  • Primary Objective: Eliminate Farseer Idranel


Dow2 minimap idranel of ulthwe

This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

In this mission you'll mostly face the basic Eldar infantry setup, with Seer Councils and squad leader Warlocks being the nastiest part and Howling Banshees and heavy weapon platforms causing lesser concern. There are a couple of Ranger squads waiting to ambush you from infiltration, but not many. There are two vehicles – a Falcon west of the Automated Foundry and a Fire Prism between the Imperial Shrine and the boss area. There are no Eldar structures.

The vehicles deal major death, but they are not that durable and there's only two so you should probably go for a heavy bolter instead of a missile launcher, and deal with the tanks by power weapons and/or melta bombs and/or plasma guns. Of course, the old remote detonation trick will work as well. Anyway, since the rest of the opposition is infantry, including the boss and her reinforcements, focus on that.

So you work trough the map, using blind grenades and special abilities on the Seer Councils, platforms and Warlocks before they fry your squads and try to draw other enemies into Avitus's kill zone. Be sure to get the beacon closest to the boss arena. Approach carefully and set up all the Tarantula turrets you have in the arena before moving toward the corner and triggering Idranel's appearance.

She is a strong melee fighter with a lighting attack similar to Warlocks. Use Force Commander & Tarkus to distract (Force Commander can melee him, then pull back to make her follow without switching to ranged attacks) and Tarkus should have Tactical Advance on. Blind grenades also work on her and prevent her from using the deadly ranged attacks, also allowing some melee freebies while the effect lasts.

When her health is drained, Idranel will summon a Seer Council a couple of times during the fight. You should have something ready for these – a spare blind grenade followed by other explosives, take one out with High-Powered Shot right away, knock them down with To Victory! or Assault Jump while Avitus turns on Focus Fire, that sort of thing. Don't wait for them to lightning-fry you.

When you have Idranel almost dead, she decides it's time to leave; you can't kill her. You still win the mission, though. The Eldar plotline continues with Angel Gate.