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MapGreen Tooth Gorge
FlagLeads to the Array
BriefingCommander, we have located the Techpriest base camp, but it is in grave danger. An Ork mob is heading straight for their location. These Greenskins have just cut a swath through several small communities and outposts. Their leader calls himself Gorwazza, and he commands from a powerful looted tank. We cannot let the Orks reach the Techpriest base camp. If the Techpriests are killed, we may never find the astronomic array. Stop Gorwazza before he gets to the base camp.
ObjectivesKill Boss Gorwazza
Bonus IntelligenceThis target is vulnerable to attacks from power weapons.
RewardRelic Flamer


Dow2 minimap greenskin armor

This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

It's a simple mission on a small map. The deal is a whole lot of vehicles, so take all anti-armor weapons you have – power fist, plasma gun, missile launcher, melta bombs.

You start in the SW corner, and the boss (a Looted Tank) is in the NE corner. Clear the map, capture your asset, and go deal with the boss. Try to stun him with your power weapon(s) and, well, just shoot at him until he dies. End of story.


Contrary to the flavor text, stating that urgency is required, there is no timer for this mission. Regardless of speed of completion, the mission's end result is the same.