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Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter is an Ork Warboss appearing in all three Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War expansions. He is one of the most long-lived recurring characters, and the first playable Ork in the series.


Dawn of War: Winter AssaultEdit

Gorgutz was originally the Warboss of the Evil Sunz on the planet Lorn V. All the Ork clans were fighting against each other, making it easier for the Chaos to fight them. Gorgutz started to unite the clans by destroying their banners (Orks fight for banners and if it is destroyed they will follow another clans banner). He first fought the Chaos and tried to take their leaders {Lord Crull} head. He was unsuccessful.

Then he went after the Imperial General Ozzik Sturnn, thinking he would look good with Sturnn's head on his pointy stik.The Imperials fought bravely but Gorgutz managed to reach Sturn. Sturn fought the big Warboss in hand to hand combat before being stomped on and decapitated.He and Crull then learned from a captured Guardsman that a Imperator Class Titan,named Dominatus,was lying dormant on Lorn V.While Crull became obsessed with obtaining it Gorgutz merely saw it as another thing to smash.After this he set his sights on the skull of Taldeer,Farseer of the Ulthwé forces.He then fought through the remnants of the Imperial Guard and Crull's forces and then reached a big Psychic Gate.There he encountered Taldeer and a Commissar.He killed the Commisar and then killed Taldeer,adding her skull to his collection.He and his forces went through the Pyschic Gate just as Crull turned up.As Crull battled the Imperials he called Gorgutz a fool,saying he wouldn't know how to operate the Titan.Gorgutz replied that he had no intention of using it,he was going to destroy it.Crull was shocked and redoubled his efforts to breach the Psychic Gate.Eventually he did break through.

Gorgutz set up camp near the Titan while Crull defended it from the Imperials.Gorgutz destroyed several of the Titan Guns,which enraged Crull into fighting Gorgutz.But before Gorgutz could fight Crull an unexpected enemy arrived.The Necrons.Gorgutz' alarm quickly turned into delight as he had never before claimed a Necron skull.He defeated the Necrons and went to fight Crull.Crull proved no match for the big Ork and was killed and his head joined Sturn's and Taldeer's on Gorgutz' pointy stik.

Dawn of War: Dark CrusadeEdit

In Dawn of War:Dark Crusade,if the player succesfully defeats Gorgutz{As the Chaos Marines},Crull's head is recovered and presented to Eliphas the Inheritor,who uses it to appease Khorne.

Dawn of War IIIEdit


Cunning, greedy, and brutal in equal measure, Gorgutz ‘Ead’unter has collected an array of skulls to adorn his armour. His huge form is covered in the marks of a thousand battles and he is always searching for the biggest and best weapons – such as the huge Power Klaw that has replaced his entire right arm.


Grapplin' Klaw

Gorgutz fires his Klaw at the target location, pulling himself to the position or the first enemy that it intercepts and forcing them to attack him.

Spinnin' Klaw

Gorgutz extends his Klaw, spinning it around and absorbing enemy fire. Enemies inside this area take damage and are slowed. Gorgutz can then slam the Klaw down, pulling, taunting, and damaging enemies.

Dirty Fightin'

In melee combat, Gorgutz crushes opponents with his Klaw, doing damage and reducing their damage output. Every 6th blow triggers a critical strike, doing additional damage in a line.

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