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MapHab Spire Legis
BriefingCommander, elements of the 85th Vendoland regiment of the Imperial Guard have managed to organize a defense. The swarm has outflanked their preliminary lines, however, and the Guardsman are cut off. This swarm seems to be led by a snake-like monstrosity. What Commissariat records call a Ravener, I believe. Only you have a hope of eliminating this beast and allowing the trapped Guardsmen to escape.
ObjectivesDestroy the Tyranid Structures
Kill the Ravener
StrongholdEnemy forces are fortified in a central location
Bio-FeedbackVictory reduces infestation (-2)
Bonus IntelligenceSynaptic Generators enhance nearby Tyranid enemies.
Enemy structures are vulnerable to demolition charges and other explosives.


  • Primary Objective: Kill the Ravener
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Tyranid Hive (0/2)
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Synaptic Generators (0/5)


Dow2 devil in the spires minimap

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