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Defend the Array
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Mount Siccaris
Briefing Commander, the Greenskins continue to attack vulnerable targets. A communications array has come under attack from an Ork horde. They seek to loot and destroy this important structure. These arrays improve our communications across the sub-sector and allow us to monitor enemy movements. We cannot afford to lose that advantage.
Objectives Protect your generators
Repel Ork attackers
Sentry guns available in mission
Intelligence Orks may fall back but will regroup and return.
Notes Costly Loss/Expiry: Succeed or lose the Array
Tarantula Turrets: Sentry guns available in mission
Reward Sniper Rifle (level ? common sniper rifle)


Achievement notoneinch
Achievement thebookofhonor
Achievement tirelesswarrior

Completing this mission does not automatically award any achievements, but this mission is an excellent opportunity to scrape together several. First, the "Not One Inch" achievement is hard not to get. Second, this is one of the easiest missions to get "The Book of Honor" on, which means getting "Purge the Xenos", "Feel No Pain" and "Fleet of Foot" at the same time, and possibly "Rush 'em" as well. The 15 stars required for "The Book of Honor" would award "Tireless Warrior" and as a by-product "Fast Attack". So you could get:

  • Not One Inch
  • Purge the Xenos
  • Feel No Pain
  • Fleet of Foot
  • The Book of Honor
  • Rush 'em
  • Fast Attack
  • Tireless Warrior
Which would mean eight achievements for a total of 90 Gamerscore 16!


Dow2 minimap defend the array

This is not a generic defense mission, but the very first one at Typhon that you must complete before traveling back to Calderis and proceeding with the game.

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