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Dawn of War III has officially been announced!

Dawn of War II: Retribution multiplayer data

3.19.1 3.19.1 3.19.1 3.19.1 3.19.1 3.19.1
Dow2 button space marines Dow2 button orks Dow2 button eldar Dow2 button tyranids Dow2 button chaos Dow2 button ig

Dawn of War multiplayer data

Dc sm icon Dc orks icon Dc eldar icon Dc csm icon Dc ig icon Dc necrons icon Dc tau icon Ss sob icon Ss dark eldar icon

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  • Unknown Primarch

    This news is already a few days old and most people keeping an eye of things are probably up to date with the recent events, but I suppose a site like the Dawn of War Wiki should cover this as well.

    As you may know, THQ – the owner of Relic Entertainment, the developer of the Dawn of War series – filed…

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  • Unknown Primarch

    Steam THQ Weekend

    October 5, 2012 by Unknown Primarch

    Steam is having a "THQ Weekend" sale with all THQ titles (such as the Dawn of War II franchise and Space Marine) for 50% off and Company of Heroes games even 75% off.

    Update: The daily deal for Sunday, October 7th, is 75% off all Dawn of War titles.

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  • Unknown Primarch

    Dawn of War II: ELITE is a third-party modification for Dawn of War II: Retribution that started out as an experimental balance mod for high-level players and branched into adding completely new abilities and units after support for Retribution was cut. As the retail game will not be patched anymore, ELI…

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  • Unknown Primarch

    We mentioned the Steam Summer Sale 2012 previously; now their daily deal is offering the Dawn of War II series for 75% off and the Dawn of War Franchise Pack for a whopping 80% reduced price.

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  • Unknown Primarch

    Grim Dark Future [1] is hosting two cups; the GDF Cup 12 (1v1) starting July 15, 2012; and the 2x2 GDF Cup 5 (2v2) starting July 21st, 2012. [2]

    Bambilambi (Bambi666) has announced a livecast for GDF Cup 12 on Good Games Live starting 11.00 UTC/GMT (13.00 CEST) on July 15.

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