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This is a list of weapons wargear found in the Dawn of War II campaign.

Bolt pistolsEdit

Basic one-handed ranged weapon for characters using a one-handed melee weapon. Can kill weak infantry, but isn't really very useful. The best one is Pistol of Terra.


Basic ranged weapon good against light infantry, not very good against heavy infantry and useless against vehicles. The best one is Deathdealer.

Dow2 wg bolter default  Bolter


Basic melee weapon good against light infantry, less effective against heavy infantry and not effective against vehicles. The best one is Growling Hate.

Black Rage Blade of Ulyus Chainsword Crusader's Zeal Flesh Tearer's Pride Growling Hate Improved Chainsword Master-Crafted Chainsword Ork Render Relic Chainsword Snarl of the Wolf Superior Chainsword Tartarus (chainsword) Valhalla's Teeth Xenosplitter

Combat shotgunsEdit

Anti-melee ranged weapon. Can be powerful when used correctly, but Cyrus's sniper rifle abilities are so powerful you should pick that instead.

Arbiter Mencius Combat Shotgun Coward's Pardon Emperor's Justice Executioner's Mercy Fearful Judgment Initiate's Lesson of Strength Master-Crafted Combat Shotgun Ortega's Last Judgment Relic Combat Shotgun Roar of Revelation Roar of Truth Superior Combat Shotgun

Dreadnought assault cannonsEdit

Heavy rapid-fire weapon most effective against infantry, but not worthless against vehicles or buildings either. Probably better than the close combat claws, as the Dreadnought can stay back instead of crushing valuable cover.

Dreadnought Assault Cannon Fire of the Ancients Manifest Death Refrain of the Crusader The Chorus of the Righteous Dead Veneration of Battle Zeal of the Primarchs

Dreadnought clawsEdit

The melee choice for the Dreadnought. Using him for close combat is problematic because of cover destruction and getting him killed, so consider taking the assault cannon instead.

Heavy boltersEdit

Heavy bolters are rapid-fire anti-infantry weapons most effective against light infantry swarms, usable by Avitus and the Force Commander if he has the appropriate trait. Avitus is extremely powerful with a heavy bolter, and is devastating against all infantry and targets in close range. He should be equipped with one most of the time. The most powerful heavy bolter is Neverending Hail of Devastation.

Heavy flamersEdit


Missile launchersEdit

Plasma cannonsEdit

Great range, even better when using Focus Fire and all the range-increasing traits. Snipes static defenses and does great damage against vehicles. Make sure you don't kill your melee squads with friendly fire, however. Plasma cannon does splash damage and knockdown.

Plasma gunsEdit

Plasma pistolsEdit

Power axesEdit

Power fistsEdit

Power swordsEdit

Sniper riflesEdit

Arguably best choice for Cyrus. Allows High-powered shot, instant kills all non-epic units/vehicles. Neutralizes problematic single units (Warlocks, Beamy Lootas, Weapons Platforms, Tyranids with Venom Cannons etc.)

Storm boltersEdit

Terminator assault cannonsEdit

The Benediction Of Fury Rage of Angels Storm of Purity Unrelenting Wrath of the Just

Terminator power fistsEdit

Thunder hammersEdit

Thunder hammers and storm shieldsEdit

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