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The Last Stand
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location The Graveyard of Typhon
Briefing Commander, your cruiser will punch its way into the mass of smaller Tyranid ships guarding the main hive fleet. Once in position, the Armageddon will drop your hand-picked squads via drop pod toward the base of the massive capillary tower that is feeding the main hive ship. Thanks to the data you collected earlier, Apothecary Gordian has readied a special bio-toxin. You are to poison the tower and through it the brain of the Hive Fleet itself. This should deal a lethal dose to the hive mind, and send the hive fleet into disarray. One way or another, this will be the last battle of the defense of Aurelia. May the Emperor grant us victory. Angelos out.
Objectives Administer Bio-Toxin
Intelligence Units must defend key points during this mission.
Many brood hives are present in the target area.
Notes Final Mission: This mission ends the Dawn of War II campaign.
Drop Bays: All squads eventually deploy.
Reward Random


  • Primary Objective: Secure the first rise
  • Primary Objective: Poison the first vein
  • Primary Objective: Hold the Line
  • Primary Objective: Poison a second vein
  • Primary Objective: Hold the Line
  • Primary Objective: Kill as many Tyranids as possible
  • Primary Objective: Plant the Teleport Homer on the Hill
  • Primary Objective: Blood Ravens planetside in: (0:30)
  • Primary Objective: Kill the Hive Tyrant Alpha


Achievement fighttosurvive
Achievement holdbackthexenos
Achievement winthewar
Achievement crushtheenemy
Achievement battlebrothers

There are five different achievements that you can receive for completing this mission (not counting more generic ones you could accomplish on any other mission as well). These are:

  • "Fight to Survive" – complete the mission on Recruit (or higher)
  • "Hold Back the Xenos" – complete the mission on Sergeant (or higher)
  • "Win the War" – complete the mission on Captain (or higher)
  • "Crush the Enemy" – complete the mission on Primarch
  • "Battle Brothers" – complete the mission in co-op mode
The "or higher" part means that you get all lesser achievements as well for completing the mission on a higher difficulty level. For example, if you completed the mission on Captain, you would get "Fight to Survive" and "Hold Back the Xenos" as well as "Win the War". If you completed the mission on Primarch in co-op mode, you would get all five achievements. That's 210 Gamerscore 16!


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