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Raveners (Tyranicus ophidius subterra in High Gothic) are burrowing Tyranids, their Dawn of War II equivalent of jump infantry like Stormboyz, only bursting up from the ground instead of dropping on the enemy. Raveners are primarily melee creatures but can be upgraded with ranged weaponry.




Dow2 tyr burrow strike iconBurrow StrikeRaveners can burrow deep into the ground and resurface with explosive force in the middle of the enemy position.


Dow2 tyr devourer iconDevourerMutates Ravener to grant the Devourer ranged weapon. Effective against infantry.
Dow2 tyr enhanced muscle coil iconEnhanced Muscle CoilAllows the Ravener to burrow and remain underground indefinitely. Resurfacing will knock back and temporarily stun nearby enemies.

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