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Dow2 eld rangersquad Dow2 dec sniper Dow2 dec upgrade detector Faction Eldar Health 450 Buy Reinf. Upkeep
Tier 1 Courage 100 Dow2 requisition 300 50 7.65
Armor infantry Sight radius 60 Dow2 power 30 5
Size small Detect radius 40 Dow2 popcap 9 3
XP value 150 Speed 5.5 Dow2 time 21 5.25
Death +10 Model count 3
Melee skill 50
Light infantry unit that requires a brief setup time. Good for sniping enemies from a distance, and for killing units in buildings. Can detect infiltrated units. Data version: 2.6.0

The Rangers are an Eldar sniper and scout squad in Dawn of War II multiplayer. They start out as a simple anti-infantry unit with detection and can be upgraded to infiltrate themselves as well as any other allied units within a small area. A single Ranger squad consists of one model armed with a long rifle and two models equipped with shuriken pistols and swords.

  • Effective against infantry (light and heavy) from extreme range, ignores cover
  • Fragile, very vulnerable to melee and expensive to reinforce
  • Detector unit
  • Great utility when upgraded


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