Round orks
This page is about Dawn of War II and Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising multiplayer units. For background information, see Orks.


Dow2 ork warboss iconWarbossOffenseThe largest and most powerful Ork, he excels at melee combat.
Dow2 ork kommando nob iconKommando NobStealthThe Kommando is a stealth expert that ambushes his prey.
Dow2 ork mekboy iconMekboySupportMekboys are responsible for maintaining the machinery that the Orks use. Excels at supporting infantry with his abilities or by building turrets and Waaagh! Banners. They also can enhance troops with their technology.

Tier 1 unitsEdit

Dow2 ork slugga boyz iconSlugga BoyzBasic melee infantryTough melee troops equipped with a Choppa and Slugga. Can be upgraded with Burnas and with a Nob Leader to unlock the Swamp 'Em ability.
Dow2 ork shoota boyz iconShoota BoyzBasic ranged infantryCan be upgraded with the Big Shoota which grants the Aiming? Wotz Dat? ability. Can also be upgraded with a Nob Leader for greater durability.
Dow2 ork lootas iconLootasHeavily armed suppression squadLoota are gitz what collect big gunz, and then shoots them... a lot.
Dow2 ork stormboyz iconStormboyzJumping melee squadAssault troops equipped with jump packs. Good at closing quickly and forcing ranged units into melee combat. Can be upgraded with Impoved Rokkit Packs which allow the use of Bommaboys. Can also be upgraded with a Nob Leader.

Tier 2 unitsEdit

Dow2 ork stikkbommaz iconStikkbommazGrenade squadLightly armored melee unit. Can also bombard units from a distance with Stikkbombz.
Dow2 ork tankbustaz iconTankbustasAnti-vehicle infantryHeavily armed anti-vehicle infantry. Capable of using the Rokkit Barrage ability to rain rockets down upon their foes.
Dow2 ork deff dread iconDeff DreadMelee walker vehicleSlow melee vehicle. Effective versus infantry and vehicles. Has the Rampage ability which allows the Deff Dread to move faster. Can also be upgraded with Burnaz 'n Bitz.
Dow2 ork wartrukk iconWartrukkArmed transport vehicleFast and fragile, anti-infantry vehicle. Transports infantry units across the battlefield and allows nearby squads to reinforce.
Dow2 ork weirdboy iconWeirdboy...The Weirdboy is a long-range support unit and caster. Charge his energy by putting him near da boyz and having them shout.

Tier 3 unitsEdit

Dow2 ork nob squad iconNob SquadElite melee squadLarge Orks who do very high damage against infantry. Upgrades include 'Uge Hammers, Nob Leader and the Meaner an' Greener which grants the Frenzy ability.
Dow2 ork kommando squad iconKommando Squad...Fragile stealth ranged unit. Can detect infiltrated units. Additional abilities include Luv da Dakka, Smoke Grenade, and the Burna Bomb. Can add a Nob Leader.
Dow2 ork looted tank iconLooted TankAssault vehicleSlow ranged vehicle. Effective against infantry, vehicles and buildings. Can be upgraded with reinforced plating.