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Hive Tyrant
Dow2 tyr hive tyrant icon Dow2 dec hero anti infantry melee Faction Tyranids Health 1080 Buy Reinf. Upkeep
Tier 1 Courage 100 Dow2 requisition
Armor commander Sight radius 38 Dow2 power
Size medium Detect radius 5 Dow2 popcap
XP value 500 Speed 4.5 Dow2 time
Death +30 Model count 1
Melee skill 70
The Hive Tyrant is a large and powerful monster that directs the swarm with powerful synaptic abilities and ferocious melee capabilities. Data version: 2.6.0

A Hive Tyrant (HT in online shorthand, Tyranicus praefactor in High Gothic) is a massive Tyranid creature that acts as the commander of all Tyranid forces deployed on the battlefield, possessing a special synaptic link to the Hive Mind.

  • Very strong in melee
  • Immune to suppression and weapon knockback
  • Crushes cover and walks through walls
  • Cannot garrison buildings or ride in transports of any kind
  • Has no activated abilities to start with, but emits a Basic Synapse aura which buffs nearby Tyranids


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