Ranger Squads are trained at the Aspect Portal for 240 Requisition, 60 Power and 2 Squad Population. Each squad starts out with 4 members which can be increased up to 8 with each reinforcement costing 60 Requisition and 15 Power.


  • Heavy Infantry.
  • Fast attack unit.
  • Can teleport short distances.
  • Upgrades make them effective against vehicles and buildings.
  • Effective against Infantry.


  • Have 300 Morale.
  • Deal 7-12 melee damage.
  • Deal 48-58 ranged damage.
  • Classified as Heavy Infantry and counters Infantry as well as Vehicles.


The Eldar version of jump infantry doesn't use jetpacks but personal teleporters instead. Warp Spiders are considered somewhat reckless, as the teleportation process is apparently rather dangerous (the risk doesn't seem to be implemented in Dawn of War, however). They are similar in design to Space Marine Assault Marines or Chaos Raptors except with the Eldar equivalent of Bolters (but with more fire rate and less damage). They are easily countered by their marine counterparts and are not very resistant when it comes to melee damage.


When selectedEdit

  1. Quickly, take us to the battle.
  2. We yearn to move.
  3. We are shadowy death.
  4. Waiting here since the phase of our existence.
  5. What do you know of war?
  6. Strike quickly while our enemy slumbers.

When movedEdit

  1. We are on our way.
  2. We are called to battle.
  3. We move through the warp, as it moves through us.
  4. We can be there instantly.
  5. This well moves so slowly.
  6. As we are commanded.

When attackingEdit

  1. We shall win this war.
  2. A fast strike in, and out.
  3. To battle!
  4. We think, then disappear.

When capturing Strategic Points and Critical LocationsEdit

  1. We focus on the temporal objective.

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