The Squiggoth is a Relic unit of the Ork in Dawn of War. It is a super-heavy vehicle with both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle capabilities as well as the ability to transport certain units. It is available at Da Mek Shop, costing 960 Requisition, 1145 Power and 5 Vehicle Population slots. Like all artificial constructs, it has no Morale.


  • Counts as Vehicle.
  • Heavy Transport/Weapon Platform.
  • Can transport infantry.
  • Is the only transport that can carry Terminators.
  • Effective against most unit types.


Squiggoths have:

  • 8800 Hit Points.
  • Deals 1730-2114 melee damage.
  • Deals 720-880 ranged damage.


In addition to Stop, Move, Attack Move and ability to change Stances, Squiggoths have the following abilities:


  • Can transport 2 squads of any Infantry or Heavy Infantry. It cannot transport Stormboyz however.

RampageIcon DoW

  • Rampage: Left-click on this button and then on a location in the world to have this unit 'rampage' to this location at a straight line at +50% speed. Any units in the way will be violently knocked aside, causing 45-65 damage and 25 morale damage. The reload time is 1 minute.


Like the Land Raider, the Squiggoth is equipped with heavy weaponry and can transport both infantry and heavy infantry. However, unlike the Land Raider which is exclusively used for ranged combat, the Squiggoth specializes in melee combat and is more effective against massed infantry. Squiggoths also have the ability to transport more squads, with a maximum carrying capacity of two slots. Although it has an appearance of a creature or daemon, it functions as a vehicle which means it can be repaired. Despite its strength, Squiggoths takes up the most space in the game and can be easily walled in by other units and buildings regardless if it is friend or foe. Consequently, it is advised that players controlling the Orks to build at least one Da Mek Shop at an open area with minimal obstruction by buildings or in game objects. Players who are an enemy of the Orks can use vehicles to surround it and block its path while sending massed ranged infantry behind it to concentrate fire. Despite its immense size, Squiggoths are classified as squigs (the most primitive form of ork life).

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