The Settlement serves as the Headquarters of the Orks in Dawn of War. This Building allows the player to train key units as well as researching technologies. Constructing a second Settlement costs 650 Requisition and 150 Power. However, unlike most buildings, cost scales by 250 more Requisition and 150 Power as more are built after the 2nd one is built. For example, constructing it the 3rd time requires 900 Requisition and 300 Power while constructing it the 4th time requires 1150 Requisition and 450 Power with the 5th and final time costing 1400 Requisition and 600 Power. Even if the original Settlement is destroyed, the effect of the original upgrade still applies to the player. Thus, the player can still deploy advanced units and only needs to research the subsequent Orky Fort add-ons only once since researching it for other Settlements have no effect other than changing its attack, hit points and appearance. Although it is the most expensive structure, each Settlement generates a +20 Requisition rate which never decays over time. The building features 3000 Hit Points and like all artificial constructs, it has no Morale.


  • Ork headquarters building.
  • Produces: Gretchin, Slugga Boyz, Mad Doks, and the Warboss.
  • Each Ork HQ costs incrementally more resources to build.
  • Projects a Control Area around itself, allowing other buildings to be built near it.


GretchinInfiltrationResearchIcon DoW

  • Gretchin Infiltration Research: Costs 50 Requisition. Allows Gretchins to use the Infiltration ability. When active, infiltrating units are invisible to most enemies. Infiltrated units cannot attack until Infiltration is turned off.

OrkyFortAdd-onIcon DoW

  • Orky Fort (HQ Add-on): Costs 400 Requisition and 200 Power. Upgrades the Settlement to an Orky Fort which are tougher having 4000 more hit points, bringing the total to 7000 and have more guns which increases ranged damage output. An Orky Fort is required to access the most advanced units available to the Orks. This is available once both the Chapel-Barracks and the Armory are built.

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