What is your will?

— when a Servitor is finished training.

Dow sm servitor icon
Unit Information
Type Infantry
Introduced In Dawn of War
Faction Space Marines
Trained At Stronghold
Squad Size 1/1
Training Cost
Cost Resource requisition 75 Dow squ 0
Hit Points 375 (+1/s)
Morale 150

The Servitor is the builder unit for the Space Marines in Dawn of War.


  • Builder unit.
  • Constructs all Space Marine buildings.


The Servitor builds Buildings and can also repair Vehicles, but lack special abilities unlike other builder units. Players can send up to three Servitors to the same project to increase construction speed. Servitors also take up Squad Cap unlike other factions, so don't keep unnecessary units around. Note that players can Deep Strike them through the Orbital Relay. This can be useful if setting up a secondary base or building turrets at choke points outlying the settlement. This technique can also be used to repair Vehicles and Buildings at front lines during heated engagements for maximum effect. As a result, once all key structures are built, it is recommended for players to send all Servitors to the Orbital Relay in case emergency repairs need to be made around the field.


When selectedEdit

  1. Yes lord?
  2. Yes most beneficent once?
  3. Here to serve.
  4. I await your instructions.

When movedEdit

  1. I exist to serve.
  2. Yes lord.
  3. As you wish.
  4. I shall obey.

When constructingEdit

  1. Build routine 7-1, initiated.
  2. Initializing build protocol.
  3. I will do as you ask.
  4. With all due haste.

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