"Scouts reporting for duty."

The Scout Marine Squad is a basic infantry unit for Space Marines in Dawn of War available at the Stronghold during the beginning of the game. It costs 90 Requisition and takes up 1 Squad Population slot. Scout Marines always start out with a squad size of 2 by default but can be increased up to 4 members for 45 Requisition each.


  • Infantry.
  • Scout/recon/sniper unit. Good sight range.
  • Weapon upgrades effective against heavy infantry and breaking morale.
  • Can be upgraded to use Infiltration (stealth).
  • Effective as scouts and support units.


Scout Marines have:

  • 250 Morale
  • Deals 6-8 melee
  • Deals 11-13 ranged attack
  • Have a maximum squad size of 4.
  • Have a maximum weapon upgrade limit of 2.


FlamerIcon DoW

  • Flamer: Costs 40 Requisition and 10 Power. Upgrades 1 squad member to the Hand-held flamethrower heavy weapon. It is short ranged but is effective at breaking enemy morale.

SniperRifleIcon DoW

  • Sniper Rifle: Costs 40 Requisition and 20 Power. Upgrades 1 squad member to the Sniper Rifle heavy weapon. It is long ranged and is effective against other infantry as well as breaking enemy morale.

PlasmaGunIcon DoW

  • Plasma Gun: Costs 40 Requisition and 5 Power. Upgrades 1 squad member to the Plasma Gun heavy weapon. It is medium ranged and is effective against heavy infantry. It can be fired while moving but is less accurate than if it is stationary.


EnableInfiltration Icon

  • Infiltration: Requires the Scout Infiltration Research upgrade from the Stronghold. Infiltration allows units to move undetected by all enemy defenses, and any unit other than squad leaders and primary/secondary commanders. Capturing a Strategic Point, Critical Location, or Relic, or attacking, disables infiltration.


Scout Marines are light infantry that can infiltrate, making them invisible to most enemy units as long as they do not attack. They are lightly armored and have a maximum squad size of 4, so they should generally avoid fights. In single-player they are mainly used to scout enemy positions and spot targets for long-range firepower. When upgraded with sniper rifles they can also take out leader units and destroy enemy morale from behind your lines in bigger scraps. You should get Scout Infiltration Research from the Stronghold right away to make them less vulnerable (besides, it's pretty cheap).


When selectedEdit

  1. At your command.
  2. Scouts in position.
  3. Yes my lord.
  4. Scouts awaiting orders.
  5. Scouts here!
  6. Scouts ready!

When movedEdit

  1. On patrol.
  2. Commencing infiltration.
  3. Yes my lord.
  4. Gathering intelligence.
  5. I sense danger, we will root it out.
  6. Search commencing.
  7. Scouts advance!
  8. We will move ahead, unlock enemy positions.
  9. Getting into position.

When attackingEdit

  1. Our aim is true.
  2. We will take them down from here.
  3. Scouts charge!
  4. Attack!
  5. Lining up our targets.
  6. The enemy is in our sights.

When capturing Strategic Points and Critical LocationsEdit

  1. Strategic point identified.
  2. Infiltrating enemy territory.

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