Chaos Raptors ready to kill.

— when a Raptor Squad is finished training.

The Raptor Squad are a basic Heavy Infantry unit, having higher stats than the Cultist Squad. They can be trained at the Chaos Temple for 280 Requisition and requires 2 Squad population. Each squad always start out with 4 members by default but can be increased at a price of 70 Requisition.


  • Heavy Infantry
  • Fast attack close combat unit, good at breaking morale in close combat.
  • Jetpacks quickly around, and over, the battlefield.
  • Weapon upgrades effective against heavy infantry and breaking morale.
  • Effective against Infantry.


Raptor Squads have:

  • 300 Morale
  • Deals 38-47 melee damage
  • Deals 12-15 ranged damage
  • Have a maximum squad size of 10.
  • Have a maximum weapon upgrade limit of 1.


Raptors are the Space Marine equivalent of the Assault Marines, equipped with jetpacks and melee weapons. Raptor Squads can also carry flamers or plasma guns; as a tradeoff an Assault Marine Squad can usually beat a Raptor Squad in straight hand-to-hand. When facing these, keep an eye on your melee-weak infantry (Scout Marines, Tactical Marines) and don't just stand there if a Raptor Squad engages them. Dance away while your other ranged units shoot at them, and engage them with a melee unit if possible. If you don't have anything, try running around a turret until most of them die.


When selectedEdit

  1. We yearn for the hunt.
  2. We soar up wings of fire.
  3. What will you have us do?
  4. Point us at our pain.

When movedEdit

  1. Fly against the enemy.
  2. None can travel faster.
  3. We shall strike them from the skies.

When attackingEdit

  1. We will tear the flesh from their bones!
  2. We can taste the blood already.
  3. They will never escape us!

When capturing Strategic Points and Critical LocationsEdit

  1. Raptors, take the flight!
  2. It is easily done.

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