The Nobz are Ork Heavy Infantry unit in Dawn of War. They are available at Da Boyz Hut for 400 Requisition, Power and 10 Ork Resources once the Orky Fort is researched. Being a Tier 3 unit, Nobz cost the most Ork Resource for any Ork Infantry and Heavy Infantry.


  • Heavy infantry.
  • Advanced close combat unit.
  • Effective against infantry and heavy infantry.
  • Can be upgraded with Power Klaws, close combat weapons effective against all unit types.


Nob Squads have:

  • 300 Morale
  • Deals 62-76 melee damage
  • Deals 30-37 ranged damage
  • Have a maximum squad size of 10 and start out with 5 squad members.


NobLeaderIcon DoW
  • Nob Leader: Costs 75 Requisition, 25 Power and 2 Ork Resource. Provides a Heavy Infantry Leader Unit effective against various units at close combat and boosting squad morale. Can be upgraded with powerful close combat weapons from the Pile O Gunz!. Effective against Infantry and Heavy Infantry.
PowerClawIcon DoW
  • Power Claw: Costs 70 Requisition and 45 Power and deals 7-8 ranged damage. Upgrades one squad member to the indicated heavy weapon. Mechanized arm used by Orks to devastating effect in close combat. Effective against all unit types.


The Nobz are the biggest and most aggressive Orks, a sort of a ruling caste. They are elite melee infantry, effective against other infantry out of the box and against everything when equipped with power claws. They would be roughly comparable to Assault Terminators - not quite as tough, but more numerous. Try to avoid close combat, avoid them and eliminate them at range instead.