Who's ready for surgery?

— when a Mad Dok' is finished training

The Mad Dok is an infantry unit for the Orks in Dawn of War. They can be trained at the Settlement for 50 Requisition, 10 Power and 1 Ork Resources.


  • Infantry.
  • Healer Unit.
  • Enhances regeneration rates of nearby infantry.


Mad Doks have:


FightinJuiceIcon DoW

  • Fightin Juice: The Mad Dok issues a combat drug that makes the squad immune to pain. Left-click to activate. While active the squad takes damage normally, but will not die. When the effect wears off any Orks with 1 health point will die. This effect lasts for 20 seconds and requires a recharge time of 2 minutes.


The Mad Dok is the Ork equivalent of the Space Marines|Space Marine Apothecary, but features greater fighting capacity. He has a Fightin' Juice special ability that works like your Word of the Emperor, preventing affected Orks from dying. Try to pick him out with plasma guns or other ranged weapons.


When selectedEdit

  1. I've got just what you need.
  2. No pain no gain!
  3. Huh?
  4. The Dok is in!

When movedEdit

  1. I'll bring the fightin' juice.
  2. Send me to the boyz!
  3. On my way.
  4. Who needs operat'n on?

When attackingEdit

  1. Time to collect some spare parts.
  2. This is gonna hurt, alot!
  3. Get me that my stabby bits.

When attaching to a squadEdit

  1. Its gonna hurt alot but you will be better, you see, ha ha ha!
  2. Oh, fresh mint, look at so many of these improvements!

When leaving a squadEdit

  1. OK boys, you're too healthy, believe me.

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