"My powers are yours to command."

The Librarian is the secondary commander unit for Space Marines in Dawn of War. They can be trained at the Sacred Artifact, costing 245 Requisition and 80 Power. Only one can be deployed at a time.


  • Commander unit (secondary).
  • Boosts Morale recovery when attached to squads.
  • Psychic unit with many powerful abilities focused on weakening enemy resolve.
  • Effective against infantry, heavy infantry, and Daemons. Excels at close combat.


Librarians have:


The Librarian has three special abilities. Some of his abilities also require research so some are unavailable in early campaign missions.

  • Smite: Delivers a powerful psychic blast that damages most units and can disrupt infantry. Small area of effect. Best used on clumps of ranged infantry.
  • Weaken Resolve: Demoralizes a target squad. Requires several moments to be effective. Use it whenever it's charged.
  • Word of the Emperor: Nearby infantry units are protected by an incredible psychic shield and thus refuse to die as long as this lasts. They still receive damage, however they just stop at 1 health point. Arguably the librarians most useful ability.


The Librarian is your secondary commander, a Space Marine "psyker" (i.e., has psychic abilities). He's fairly tough and substantially skilled at melee, though his main purpose is using his extremely powerful support abilities. He has a higher squad morale bonus than a Sergeant (though not as high as the Force Commander).


When selectedEdit

  1. I stand ready.
  2. Venerate the immortal Emperor.
  3. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
  4. Fear not the psycher.
  5. There is no such thing as innocence, only a reason of guilt.
  6. Knowledge is power, hide it well.
  7. An open mind is like fortress with its gates unguard and unguarded.
  8. My knowledge is at your disposal.

When movedEdit

  1. Mind over matter.
  2. I can sense the enemy, they are close.
  3. Do I detect uncertainty in your purpose?
  4. Through discipline, we prevail.
  5. At your command.
  6. I shall never dire.
  7. Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation.
  8. At once.
  9. I serve.

When attackingEdit

  1. With courage and honor.
  2. I will destroy their minds and burn their bodies.
  3. Charge!
  4. None can stand before us.
  5. Feel my wrath.

When attaching to a squadEdit

  1. We shall stand shoulder to shoulder my brothers.
  2. Follow my orders.
  3. With me, brothers.

When leaving a squadEdit

  1. I leave you know.
  2. You are prepared, my brothers.

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