"Land Speeder deployed."

The Land Speeder is a light anti-infantry vehicle for Space Marines in Dawn of War. It is available at the Machine Cult, costing 150 Requisition and 130 Power. Like all artificial constructs, it has no Morale.


  • Light vehicle.
  • Very fast ranged attack unit.
  • Can use skimmer ability to move over impassable terrain.
  • Effective against infantry.


Land Speeders have:

  • 1050 Hit Points.
  • Deals no melee damage
  • Deals 157-188 ranged damage


In addition to Stop, Move, Attack Move and ability to change Stances, Land Speeders have the following abilities:


  • Jump: The Land Speeder jumps over any obstacles and flies directly to the targeted terrain beyond the Fog of War within a certain range indicated by the green circle on the screen. At full charge, the Land Speeder will have two jumps available, requiring 90s to fully recharge from empty.


The Land Speeder is a light vehicle that can jump (like Assault Marines) and deal out a good amount of anti-infantry fire. If the enemy has no anti-vehicle capacity, even one of these could be a pain. For example, take one to scout around and kill any lone infantry squads. Mass several and jump them to an enemy base through the back for some sabotage. They are fried pretty quickly by anti-vehicle weaponry, however, so heavier vehicles are preferable most of the time.


When selectedEdit

  1. Land Raider ready for battle.
  2. Land Speeder here!

When movedEdit

  1. Moving out!
  2. The Machine Spirit is prepared.
  3. As you command.
  4. Approaching target.
  5. An easy objective.
  6. His will be done.

When attackingEdit

  1. We will destroy the enemy.
  2. We bring his will.
  3. Death has arrived.

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