Inquisitor Toth is a tertiary commander unit for Space Marines during the single-player campaign in Dawn of War.


Toth isn't really a Space Marine - he's a member of the Inquisition, an Imperial organization that does just what it sounds like. He's the only representative of his faction, though, and player-controllable, so he will be described here. Toth functions as a secondary commander who has somewhat lower health than the Force Commander or the Librarian (as he's only human) and special abilities sort of halfway between the two:

  • Smite: Like the Librarian's ability.
  • Weaken Resolve: Like the Librarian's ability.
  • Orbital Bombardment: Like the Force Commander's ability.

While he's a functional leader with useful psychic abilities, the ability to order an Orbital Bombardment strike is probably the best thing about him. In-universe, his bombardment would be from an Imperial Navy battleship commanded under his Inquisitorial authority, while Angelos' is from the Blood Ravens' battle barge, the Litany of Fury, hence the separately targetable attack (and cooldown). As it's on a separate cooldown timer from Gabriel Angelos' similar ability, this makes for some extremely devastating orbital attacks when you target a double Orbital Bombardment on the same area with Angelos and Toth simultaneously. 

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