Race Chaos
Version Dark Crusade v1.2

Soulstorm v1.2

Build Info
Heretic icon
Hotkey H
Build Cost [1] 60 [2][3] 0
Build Time 8 s
Built From Desecrated Stronghold
Unit Size 1
Requires Nothing
Limit 4
Unit Stats
Hitpoints 280/0
Armour Infantry Low
Morale 150/8/100
Unit Mass 5
Move Speed 16
Sight Radius 20 (cannot detect)
Ranged None
Melee None
"We're...we're here to serve master."

— when a Heretic is finished training

Heretics are good for little more than manual labor. Chaos puts these wretches to work doing everything from constructing field bases and laying down defenses, to performing repair and maintenance. Using ancient incantations, they summon all building materials directly from the warp.


The Heretic is used to construct and repair Chaos buildings, as well as repairing damaged vehicles. Like all builders, they should be assigned to build as many Listening Posts on all captured points as they can to strengthen the economy.

One of the useful tools the Heretic brings to a Chaos player's arsenal is Forced Labour. It is an ability which allows a Heretic to construct buildings at the fastest rate in the game. However, it deals a constant source of damage to the Heretic, and can eventually bring about their death, as there is no warning feature built into the ability. The Heretic is willing to give its life to the Ruinous Powers, such is its devotion. This requires a player to carefully evaluate when and where to use the Heretic's ability. If used in a dangerous area, an enemy could destroy the Heretic in its weakened state, possibly before a desired building is created. However, neglecting to use it can set a player behind the crucial curve of battle. A skilled tactician knows that all advantages must be harnessed to achieve victory.

Forced LabourEdit

When using two workers simultaneously, each works at 75% of his normal speed producing a 150% build rate. Using Forced Labour on one Heretic produces a build rate of 300%. With two Heretics and one under Forced Labour the build rate is 75% × 3 + 75% = 300%. This means adding another Heretic to a job that already has a Heretic working under Forced Labour does not change the build rate. Two Forced Labour Heretics gives 75% × 3 + 75% × 3 = 450% build rate. This will get the job done faster than any other race can match (just 12.7 s for a Chaos Temple) but will probably require the replacement of both Heretics.



Repair Hotkey: E
Requires Nothing
Target Types Damaged Chaos structures and vehicles
Range 0
Area of effect None Cooldown time 0 s
Cost 75% of the unit's original build cost
Effects Heretic uses the dark powers of the Chaos gods to repair damaged buildings or vehicles. Heretics repair at a rate of 15 hitpoints per second. Up to three Heretics can repair a single vehicle or building at a time.


Build Hotkey: B
Train units
Requires Nothing
Target Types Terrain
Range 0
Area of effect None Cooldown time 0 s
Cost Various
Effects The Heretic calls upon materials from the Warp and mends them using the powers of Chaos. Using two heretics decreases construction time by 33%, but more than two has no further improvement.

Forced LabourEdit

Forced Labour Hotkey: F
Forcedlabor icon on
Requires Nothing
Target Types Self
Range 0
Area of effect None Cooldown time Toggled ability
Effects Using Forced Labour speeds up build and repair rates to 300% of normal but at the same time damages the Heretic by 18 Hitpoints per second.


When selectedEdit

  1. My life is forfeit.
  2. We're here for the Dark Gods.
  3. Whatever you desire.
  4. Oh bless us great one.
  5. Anything for the great powers.

When movedEdit

  1. Yes, yes, right away!
  2. I try to do your will.
  3. Anywhere you like lord.
  4. Yes, yes, of course!
  5. As you wish.
  6. I swear to you it will happen.

When constructingEdit

  1. Of course master.
  2. Thank you, thank you master.
  3. Yes, yes, we'll work faster.
  4. We serve.
  5. We will build it for you.

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